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Telegram, an instant messaging platform, comes with a spectrum of security features such as data privacy, local passcode, two-step verification, encryption, ability to hide last seen & profile photo, and more.

According to Telegram, secret chats are meant for people who want more secrecy than the average person. All messages in secret chats use end-to-end encryption which means only you and the recipient can read those messages. On top of this, Messages cannot be forwarded to anyone by the recipient from secret chats.

Telegram’s special secret chats use end-to-end encryption, leave no trace on telegram servers, support self-destructing messages and don’t allow forwarding. On top of this, secret chats are not part of the Telegram cloud and can only be accessed on their devices of origin.

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How self-destructing messages work

The Self-Destruct Timer is available for all messages in SecretChats and for media in private cloud chats. Tosetthe timer, you simply need to tap the clockicon (in the input field on iOS, top bar on Android), and then choose the desired time limit.

The clock starts ticking the moment the message is displayed on the recipient’s screen(gets two check marks). As soon as the time runs out,the message disappears from both devices. Also,the timer in SecretChats only applies to messages that were sent after the timer was set. lt has no effect on earlier messages.

lf you are new to Telegram and want to know how you can use the Secret Chats feature, then here is all you need to do.

How to start a secret chat

  1. First you need to download the Telegram App on your smartphone. Android users can do so from Google Play Store while iPhone users can visit Apple App Store for the same.
  2. Then open the application and create your account.
  3. Open the profile of the user you want to contact then tap on the icon with three dots ‘..’ .
  4. Now, select ‘Start Secret Chat’ .
  5. lt can be noted that Telegram secret chats are device-specific. If you start a secret chat with a friend on one of your devices, this chat will only be available on that device.Ilf you log out, you will lose all your secret chats. You can create as many different secret chats with the same contact as you like.

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Secret chats are meant for people who want more secrecy than the average fella. All messages in secret chats use end-to-end encryption. … The message will then disappear from both your and your friend’s devices. All secret chats in Telegram are device-specific and are not part of the Telegram cloud storage


How are secret chats different?

Secret chats in Telegram are client-to-client encrypted and are meant for people who require more secrecy.

How does secret chat work on Telegram?

‘Secret Chat’ feature on Telegram can be used for one-on-one conversations and not for group conversations. On entering the secret chat mode,Telegram enables end-to-end encryption. This means that onlysender and receiver can read the messages.

Can you screenshot Telegram secret chat?

Screenshots for secret chats is disabled by Telegram.

What is the difference between secret chat and normal chat in Telegram?

According to Telegram, secret chats are client-to-client encrypted, whichmeans the messages can only be read by the sender and receiver. While regular chats are client-server/server-client encrypted and are savedencrypted into Telegram Cloud.

What does secret chat cancelled mean in Telegram?

While you have started a secret chat in Telegram with someone by mistakeand you wish to end the same, you can simply do it by deleting the chat.

As you delete the chat, a message saying ‘Secret Chat Canceled’ will appearon your and the other person’s screen with whom you have ended theconversation.

Is Telegram secret chat really secret?

This means that your conversations and personal information can be stored on Telegram’s servers and accessed by staff and third parties. If you want complete privacy, use Telegram’s secret chat option.

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